Data Summarization with SUMIF and SUMIFS Function Bangla Tutorial

Data Summarization with SUMIF and SUMIFS Function Bangla

Today we will learn how to sum up one or more conditions using the two functions SUMIF and SUMIFS in Microsoft Excel.

SUMIF and SUMIFS Function

SUMIF and SUMIFS are among the most widely used functions in Microsoft Excel. Quickly learn how SUMIFS formulas work - and why it is better than SUMIF function in bangla. The inclusion of the "IFS" formulas since Excel 2007 was a major gain for Excel users. Why? Because they allow you to easily add exceptions to your sum, average and count calculations. Don’t make your life more difficult by trying to use excel filters to get your sum. Use the SUMIFS formula instead. You can SUM based on multiple criteria. You can also use SUMIFS to sum if numbers are greater than a certain value.

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