Deduction Policy

 No other deduction made except in case of following condition:

1. Deduction for Notice Pay:
Incase of confirm employee when an employee leave his/her job without giving notice for at least one month in that situation 60% of his/her total gross salary that is his basic salary deduction made on his/her salary as a notice pay according to the BEPZA instruction under section 14.

2. Deduction for Using Transport:
Company Name ensure transport facilities for all employees. But it is not mandatory for all employees to use transport. If any employee wants to have the facility of transportation in that case company will deduct TK. 50 (Fifty Taka Only) as a token money in a month. This deduction made on his/her salary on each and every month incase of he/she is a Transport User.

3. Deduction for Stamp:
As per rules and regulation, company made a deduction of TK. 5 (Five Taka Only) for government stamp to attach on his/her salary packet.

4. Deduction for EPF:
 In case of confirm employee they will get the facility of provident fund. For this purpose a deduction made of 8.33% of the Basic Salary according to the BEPZA instruction.  

5. Deduction for Sick Leave:
Under the provision of Leave if any employee wants to enjoy his/her Sick Leave, a deduction made on his/her salary that is 50% of basic Salary for Sick Leave taken.

6. Deduction for Absent:
For any unauthorized absent a deduction of basic salary for the absent days are deducted from his/her Salary.

7. Deduction for Loosing Company Belongings:
If any employee loose any material given to him/her at the time of joining, in that case as a company policy the actual value of the lost material will be deducted from that particular employees salary.

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