Procedure for child and adolescent worker Policy

1.    According to the recruitment policy of Company name, no one is allowed to enter into the premises whose age is below 14 for any purpose which is directly or indirectly related to any productive / unproductive work that can be measured in any rate of wages according to the local law.

2.    Workers age shall not be below than 14 years. Child labor and young labor shall not be recruited. The selected candidates those who are seems to be child, must submit an age verification certificate by a registered doctor. If the worker/employee fails to submit the verification certificate, our recruitment department must collect the certificate from our in-house before recruitment.

3.    If any child labor/worker found inside the premises, he/she must have to bring to HR department of the facility.

4.    HR department will identify how the below aged person entered into the facility without proper concern of authority. Proper enquiry will be conducted and the process will be started from the security gate of entry point of facility.

5.    If any reference found, the referrer will be issued a show case notice to explain the reason lay’s behind the entrance of the child in the facility and will be accused for violating company’s policy and local law.

6.    Beside this the accused person/department will be charged accordingly to breach the recruitment policy of company.

7.    By verifying the scenario, necessary decision will be taken to send the child back to the proper custody of his/her authentic guardian.

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