Trends in Executive Leadership Report

Trends in Executive Leadership

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be There are two things we can say with certainty about the future: it will be different, and it will be surprising at times. Now, more than ever, leaders are having to navigate the unfamiliar. There is a quickening pace of change and a rising tide of rapidly evolving conditions causing organizations to shorten their planning timelines or to add more and often costly options in order to adjust quickly as the landscape shifts.

These rapidly evolving demands include everything from climate change to demography, shifting customer requirements and expectations, the rise of technology, globalization, new markets, and new attitudes toward work. Leaders must now operate in a way that inspires and engages people, while simultaneously addressing changing customer requirements and delivering results. And if that is not enough, all of this needs to be achieved with a sense of urgency, as the experienced leaders of the “Baby Boomer” generation continue to retire at a pace of 10,000 per day.

This somewhat unnerving time of change is challenging most leaders to find new ways to lead their organizations and achieve sustained success. More and more leaders fundamentally believe that there is more that they don’t know than what they do know about leading through the coming years. All of these circumstances have created a thirst for leadership. People need leadership and the diverse and escalating demands on leaders are reflected in 2016 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report. Our in-depth assessment is based on survey results from 466 organizations worldwide, with contributions from Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Chief Learning Officers, and Heads of Executive and Leadership Development.

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