WRAP Principle-2 Prohibition of Forced Labor


Prohibition of Forced Labor

1          Policy:

1.1    COMPANY NAME does not use involuntary or forced labor-indentured, bonded or otherwise nor does it support the use of forced or compulsory labor in any form including bonded, forced, and/or compulsory prison labor.
1.2    COMPANY NAME prohibits all relevant individuals from coercing employees in any way or unnecessarily limiting employees’ freedom of movement.
1.3    The company does not require employees to submit originals of documents at the time of employment or during the period a person is employed with the company.
1.4    COMPANY NAME does not do any illegal business with vendors/suppliers nor do not take or give bribes or any illegal gratification.

2.    Procedure:

2.1    Maintains employment application and service contract, to include statement applicants are seeking employment voluntarily and are not under threat or any penalty and to be signed by each applicant. Application and service contract copies are maintained in the employee’s personal file.
2.2    Issues compensation directly to worker as mentioned in their contract, company makes sure that the correct payment to his workers as agreed.
2.3    Job description of Security staff has been defined, limiting security tasks to normal security matters such as the protection of property or personnel.
2.4    At the time of hiring Manager-HR or Department Head ensure the employee signs no bond as a token for continued employment.
2.5    All employees, original documents are only asked from the employees for the verification of photocopy documents and after verification, original documents will be returned to the employees.
2.6    During the time of employee’s interview, the potential candidate is briefed about the fact that he/she is under no compulsion to join the company and similarly he is free to disassociate with company as per his/her own free will at any given time but under compliance with the rules as agreed in the appointment letter.
2.7    ED / Manager-HR ensure that workers who are frequently doing overtimes are under no pressure or threat from their Departmental Head for compulsory OT.
2.8    In case where any company’s employee decides to leave the company. ED / Manager-HR ask about the reason (s) of leaving in order to make sure that he/she is not leaving under unlawful compulsion or threat.
2.9    Manager-HR trains all departmental heads are responsible for communicating, deploying and monitoring the Practice of effectively prohibiting involuntary or forced labor.
2.10    Manager-HR trains all departmental heads on COMPANY NAME policies and procedures prohibiting involuntary or forced labor.
2.11    Suggestion box is placed in the facility, if any employees wants to report any incident he/she can use the suggestion box without mentioning his/her identify, the matter will be investigated and resolved by the Company’s Welfare Officer, after discussing the complaint with                       Manager-HR or ED (if needed).
2.12    ED/ Manager-HR ensures continuous communication between workers and management through designated members of different committees, the issues related to the workers are communicated to the management for effective corrective and preventive measures to ensure.

3.    Responsibility and authority:

4.    Responsibilities:

4.1    Proper communication of company’s prohibition of forced labor policy to the respective supervisors and workers.
4.2    Organizing meetings and training programs to ensure that the policy is properly communicated and understood, the minutes of the meeting are then recorded and circulated to all the participants as per distribution record list.
4.3    In case of any accident is reported either through suggestion / complaint box or directly through workers, Manager-HR will immediately take the matter/s to the top management for immediate rectification and necessary action.

5.    Position in the Organization Chart: See Annexure-1

6.    Communication & Training:

6.1    Where required, Manager-HR will train the designated persons to ensure the compliance of updated laws.
6.2    Training records are maintained in the form of training attendance. 

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